Creative Steps Dance Company Classes

Creative Steps Dance Company is an all-inclusive dance program right in the convenience of your child's care center!


Dancers are given the opportunity to participate in professional dance classes during their day at their childcare center- Perfect for today's busy families! The convenient schedule allows children to be introduced to a professional program without taking away from other evening activities.


Dancers will experience classes filled with creative movement, ballet basics and technique, fun with props, kids hip hop and more! In class children will explore space, place, music, rhythm and their relationship through dance with their classmates and teachers. These classes are a wonderful opportunity for young girls and boys to develop motor skills, musicality, body awareness, concentration and focus, to express feelings and ideas, and to create dance with others. 


Creative Steps Dance Company classes will teach children the ballet basics including terminology and choreography, tumbling basics, kids hip hop and creative movement, the foundation of modern dance. Dancers in the fall/winter session will learn two complete routines and will perform in the end of the season Showcase. Dancers in the summer session will have a demonstration opportunity to show off all of their skills.

2019 Fall Locations & Programs coming soon.....

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