After being approach by a child care center director in search of new programs, Barb, a long time Dance Instructor and Dance Studio Director, immediately went to work on designing a dance program that would not only bring a unique and professional program to families, but also one that would share with children the art of dance and keep them eagerly awaiting their next class. 


A more than full-time working mother, Barb also understand the busy family life. "I was excited for the opportunity to provide a program that would help with the schedule challenges faced by today's busy families. One of the many benfits of Creative Steps Dance Company is that the children are able to experience a professional dance class without taking away from other evening activities or family time. The program is perfect for the younger child to begin to build a foundation before committing to an evening dance class."


Barb not only brings her passion of dance to the program but also her love of children and health. With her Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Barb also knew that providing these classes are also imparitive to assist in promotion of a healthy life style. 


"We know that your family will love Creative Dance Company classes. Your children will look forward each week to the new experiences. Parents will be comforted by our updates and communication. Your families will be impressed with the end of the season Showcase. We are dedicated to showing you our committment to your child's positive dance experience."








Creative Steps Dance Company
promises to:


Provide QUALITY dance instruction.


Provide PATIENT and COMPASSIONATE PROFESSIONAL classes and instructors.


Provide FUN with ALL classes.


Provide CLEAR and CONCISE communication with dancers and parents.






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